About Us

Here is what Balanced Triathlete is all about:

We are Kristi and Curt, the husband and wife coaching team at Balanced Triathlete.  At Balanced Triathlete we are all about:



  • Taking the guess-work out of your training
  • Teaching you the proper way to train
  • Creating a custom plan that revolves around you
  • Training smarter not harder. More is not always better
  • Walk you through your first triathlon or other endurance event
  • Training is about the athlete, not the coach

Here is what we DON’T believe in:

  • Training for hours and hours doing junk mile after junk mile
  • Training yourself to exhaustion is the only way to get faster
  • Training requires sacrificing family or personal time

Here is what we believe in:

Training for a major event can be in healthy well that doesn’t disrupt your family or social life.  We have been there and done that.  We BOTH trained for an Ironman while raising two young children.  The kids barely noticed, and we both had highly successful races.  YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

Training for your race should be stress-free and fun.  You shouldn’t be worrying if you are over training, under training, how to taper, how to set up your transition area, how many calories do I need, etc..

Working together to develop your race goals, and producing a plan based on your fitness history, present fitness level, health, your schedule, ideal goals, and race date.

Contact us if you would like to learn more.